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Alpha Industries Celebrates

Since our beginnings as a small Metalizing shop, Alpha Industries has grown to accommodate the needs and requirements from many different industries. From pulp and paper to construction and aggregate, our ongoing relationships with current customers and vendors has allowed us to maintain a steady rate of growth and success for these past 30 years. Join us as we enjoy more success and new relationships in the years to come!

Alpha Industries

Serving Our Customers Since 1986

Alpha Industries can help with your construction related bonding and sealing applications, commercial window and fenestration installations, as well as temporary surface protection during construction or renovation work.

Alpha Industries

Contact us for the latest innovative solutions to improve your process system while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Alpha Industries

We incorporate the highest quality abrasion resistant materials to combat wear issues. Whatever the wear problem, we have the solution.

Serving our customers since 1986 - We’re Where Wear's At
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Featured Products

  • Sika manufactures a wide range of specialty chemicals for construction and industry. We are proud to now be able to supply their full line of silicone products!

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  • Chemlink's M-1
    For all your construction and roofing needs!

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