Roofing Products


Chemlink has an established reputation in the commercial roofing market. Over the past twenty plus years we have developed a broad spectrum of products to help the commercial roofing contractor provide the best possible finished product.


All products are completely solvent free, so they are odourless and present no risk to worker or building occupant.

novalink roofing product   Novalink Elastomeric Joint Sealant                 novalink_sl   NovaLink SL Self-Leveling Elastomeric Sealant

clear roofing sealant   Clear General Purpose Sealant                        m1    M1 Structural Adhesive/Sealant

duralink   Duralink Super Adhesion Sealant                    trim_caulk   Trim Caulk

1part roofing   1-Part Pourable Penetration Sealant                metalink   MetaLink High Performance Metallic Sealant

chem_curb   ChemCurb System – Penetration Seals           e-curb   E-Curb System Penetration Seals

raa   Roof Assembly Adhesive                                  snowshoe   SnowShoes

solarshoe   Solar Shoe                                                           solarshoe_ls   Solar Shoe LS

tile_secure   TileSecure Roof Tile Adhesive                          durasil   DuraSil High Performance Adhesive/Sealant

durasil_sl   DuraSil SL Self-Leveling Adhesive/Sealant      sos   SBS Mod-Bit Adhesive

propack   PRO PACK Urethane Pourable Sealant             flashpack   FlashPack Liquid Flashing

knuckleheads   Knuckleheads                                                      barrrepair   BARR Roof Repair Kit