Floor Secure Wood & Tile Sealant



Floor Secure Multi-Purpose Wood & Tile Sealant

FloorSecure (FS) provides contractors with a solvent free, odourless, adhesive without sacrificing performance. FS has a unique, isocyanate free formula that offers easy installation of wood and laminated substrates.

FS is safe for occupied buildings such as schools, hospitals, or food processing plant, where solvent vapours and odours are not tolerated. FS will not shrink ensuring maximum coverage per unit. Unlike most solvent based adhesives which require flashing of solvent and maintain a strong odour long after application, FS contains very low VOC’s and is environmentally compliant throughout the United States.

FloorSecure is OSHA compliant and eliminates chronic exposure hazards associated with conventional solvent release adhesives. It contains no carcinogen or mutagen.


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Floor Secure