SBS Mod Bit Adhesive


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SBS Mod-Bit Adhesive


Chem Link’s SBS Mod Bit Adhesive provides contractors with a solvent free adhesive without sacrificing performance. SBS Mod Bit Adhesive is a unique, isocyanate free formula offering easy installation of bituminous membranes in difficult wet or cold environments. SBS Mod Bit Adhesive is safe for occupied buildings such as schools, hospitals, or food processing plants where solvent vapours are not tolerated.

SBS Adhesive permits installation directly to solvent sensitive or heat sensitive materials such as EPS insulation, iso-board, or fibre recovery board where torches cannot be used. SBS contains very low levels of VOC’s, is environmentally compliant throughout North America, and may be used in urban areas where hot asphalt kettles are prohibited or impractical.


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SBS Mod Bit Adhesive