Skudo Commercial Mat System


Skudo Commercial Mat System

Durable, Non-slip Surface Protection for Commercial Projects

  • The Skudo Commercial Mat System is ideal to protect surfaces from construction site damages and spills in large commercial projects. The system consists of two layers:

-A water-based liquid Base Coat – sold in 5 gallon buckets and

-A pre-treated, patent pending Mat – sold in 3 grades and 1,075 square foot rolls.


  • The Mat is pressed into the wet Base Coat to create a seamless, non-slip barrier that adheres to your protected work surface. On average, one Mat roll covers one bucket of Base Coat.


Two Grades Available

The Skudo Commercial Mat System come in two grades, or degrees of protection – HT (Heavy Traffic) and MT (Medium Traffic). Your Skudo representative can help determine the right product to protect your construction environment.


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