Skudo Light Mat, Tack Mat, and Glass Coating Systems


Skudo Light Mat, Tack Mat, and Glass Coating Systems


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Skudo Light Mat System

Skudo’s Light Mat System is specifically designed to provide surface protection to tile, marble, stone and hardwood on interior projects.  Leave it on for up to 6 months to prevent damage from debris, foot traffic, spills and stains that are common during most interior construction projects.

Since the Mat temporarily adheres to the protected surface, dirt and debris cannot get between the Mat and the surface it’s protecting.  Skudo also won’t warp, buckle or slide under foot, thereby alleviating maintenance headaches.

The Light Mat System provides protection against:

-Dirt and Debris – which stay on top of the LT Mat

-Carts and Trolleys

-Foot traffic

-Construction debris and grime

-Light impact of dropped materials

-Spills and stains



tack mat


Skudo Tack Mat System

Skudo’s Tack-Mat is a versatile option for those seeking Skudo Mat’s durable and reliable surface protection. Tack-Mat is a one-step peel and stick application process (no Base Coat). Its backing adheres to the protected surface more gently, allowing it to be used on sensitive substrates such as fresh concrete, vinyl, carpet and rubber.

Due to a laminated backing, Tack-Mat is proven effective in protecting against damaging stains, including chemical, solvent, paint, ink, oil and more. Tough enough for commercial jobs, it’s also ideal for quick application within smaller spaces, such as counter-tops, baths, showers and entry ways.


-Two grades available – HT (Heavy Traffic) and LT (Light Traffic)

-Impact protection from machinery to foot traffic

-Stain proof protection against chemicals, solvents, plasticizers, paint, oil and more

-Dirt, grime and dust never come into contact with the protected substrate

-Keeps UV rays from changing surface color

-Protects the exterior of buildings during concrete placement

-Simply peel off backing and stick down where you need it

-Peel up to remove, leaving surface clean and undamaged

-Planet Friendly: Reusable and made from recycled polyester


glass advanced

Skudo Glass Advanced System

Skudo Glass Advanced is the perfect solution for all construction projects that require temporary window and glass protection from start to finish. Tough enough to withstand cement and paint splatter, Skudo® Glass Advanced will protect valuable glass and frames for up to 12 months.


-Resists job site spills and splatter, including cement, paint and stucco

-Can be applied at manufacturer to provide protection during transit

-Fire Resistant version available to withstand welding and grinding sparks

-Simple application with spray or roller

-Easy peel off removal