Viper Skin


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Viper Skin is the first bi-axial, hybrid carbon and glass fiber polyurethane pre-impregnated system that blends the unsurpassed strength and stiffness of carbon with the ease of use of a moisture-cured pre-preg. This operator qualified engineered system was designed to conform to and recognized by ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO TS24817, DOT, API, and CSA Z662 standards for nonmetallic reinforcing solutions, thus ensuring product application integrity.

As a result of the micro-controlled wet-out process, nearly perfect resin content and maximum, repeatable strength properties are attainable. The time and cost associated with in-field saturation of the composite is removed from the equation altogether and eliminate the inconformity caused by human variability.

The moisture-curing properties of Viper Skin allow for subsea and wet environment applications. The Viper Skin solution conforms to all shapes, welds, and irregular geometries, and one size can be used on a variety of pipe diameters.


Typical Applications

-Transmission and distribution pipelines

-Oil and gas risers

-Mechanical dents and defects

-Girth welds on vessels and pipelines

-Straights, elbows, tees, and flanges

-Process piping: chemicals, oil, gases, water, and steam


Physical Properties

-VOC’s: None

-Working Time: 30 Minutes at 75°F (24°C)

-Set Time: 2 Hours at working temperature

-Resin Application: Micro-controlled, Pre-impregnated

-Service Temperature: -50 to 194°F (-46 to 90°C)

-Application Temperature: 32 to 150°F (-18 to 65°C)

-Shelf Life: 12 Months with recommended storage conditions


Viper Skin System Components

-Syntho Poxy HC: Reinforcing Load Transfer Epoxy

-Syntho Subsea LV Epoxy: Kevlar Reinforced Epoxy

-Syntho Glass UV: UV Protectant Coating



-Water activated polyurethane resin reduces composite prep time by over 50%

-Installation in wet, rainy, or submerged environments ensures ease of application in virtually any situation

-Full factory engineering consultation support, ensuring safe and successful repairs

viper skin wrap


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