Coal Analysis and Fineness Testing


Coal Analysis and Fineness Testing


Fineness / Fly Ash LOI

The SAS Global Fuel Analysis Lab is designed to provide you with accurate information concerning your fineness and fly ash LOI. Aditional data concerning the properties of your fuel can be provided upon request.
fineness alpha industriesData Obtained


-fly ash LOI

-fly ash LOI on composite and passing 200 mesh to determine source of combustion issues

sas global alpha

The SAS Global Diagnostic Lab allows for rapid results onsite during a testing and tuning project.

Key features

-Procedures follow ASTM D 197-87 Standard test method for fineness test of pulverized coal

-two (2) tests performed on each sample to ensure repeatable accurate results

-Our two climate controlled labs provide an atmosphere capable of drying even the wettest of fuels