General Construction


Chem Link’s construction line of adhesives and sealants are easy and safe to apply and deliver bond strengths up to 500 psi. They adhere to all common construction materials and can be used throughout the building envelope for bonding shear walls, curtain walls, floor decks, drywall, foam insulation, tile, etc. to produce strong, integrated structures that surpass the strength of construction that relies on the use of mechanical fasteners alone.


Chem Link adhesives are 100% solids and won’t shrink, so they are ideal for filling gaps and irregularities encountered during construction. Our products do not contain solvents so they are safe to use in enclosed spaces, comply with the strictest state and federal standards, and are eligible for LEED points.

m1   M1 Structural Adhesive/Sealant                                           snowshoe   SnowShoes

solarshoe   Solar Shoe                                                                           solarshoe_ls   Solar Shoe LS

durasil   DuraSil High Performance Adhesive/Sealant                      durasil_sl   DuraSil SL Self-Leveling Adhesive/Sealant

floorsecure   FloorSecure Multi-Purpose Wood & Tile Sealant                 buildsecure construction product   BuildSecure

wallsecure   WallSecure                                                                          sof   SOF-ROD Backer Rod