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Nano Clear

Nano Clear is a tough, clear, aliphatic top coat formulated using proprietary polymers providing dramatically higher cured cross link density resulting in improved physical properties over any conventional coating system.

What does that mean for you?  A one component system used to penetrate into oxidized and weathered surfaces as well as tenaciously adhere to fully cured new painted substrates. A low viscous level allowing the product to be applied in the most difficult to spray areas.

Nano Clear Coating Benefits:

  • -Restores, Enhances & Extends Surface Life
  • -Dramatically Improves Corrosion Resistance
  • -Reduces Surface Maintenance by 50%
  • -Convenient HVLP or Airless Spray Application
  • -Limitless Application Potential 

nano clear

nano clear coating

nano clear paint

  Watch the following videos to see the application of Nano Clear on the above shipping container and also on brand new salting trucks. The old shipping container would typically need to be repainted or in some cases even be replaced, but after the Nano Clear application the container looks and feels brand new. The salt trucks live a rough life being exposed to the harsh winters, high levels of salt and abuse we have come to know. With Nano Clear’s application, these trucks will not need parts and components to be replaced so soon, sometimes even after a single season! Thus increasing the lifespan of the vehicles and the cost and time savings that go along with it.