Oil Sands

Alpha Industries Ltd. started in the Oils Sands back in 1987 supplying abrasion resistant replacement parts for equipment used in the extraction process. Over the years we have developed long term contractual agreements with our customers resulting in mutually beneficial relationships.
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Whether it’s coal, limestone, salt, shale, or sandstone, we can help reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity when it comes to mining. From simple abrasion resistant liners and screens, to specialty lined heavy media piping systems and engineered equipment projects, we work with our customers to provide the best quality and service.
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With such a large industry the importance of having products that will meet or surpass expectations is key. Alpha Industries only partners with companies that have proven to do exactly that, provide the best product for the job required. From adhesives and sealants to heavy structure repair and temporary surface protection.

Aggregate Sand & Gravel

For over 20 years Alpha Industries Limited has been a distributor for Linatex premium abrasion resistant rubber. During that time they added Durex urethane products. In 2010, Linatex/Durex was acquired by Weir Minerals. Along with the rest of our product range and installation services, we can help.
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Pulp and Paper

Alpha Industries Ltd. can supply top quality liners in a variety of materials. We also provide specialty castings produced specifically to meet our customer requirements. We can also supply inflatable abrasion resistant Linatex rubber liners if you have trouble with material building up in your chutes.
pulp and paper industries

Coal Fired Power

With a long history of working in the coal fired power industry, we are proud to be the SAS Global Power representative for Alberta and Saskatchewan. In addition to the full line of SAS patented products aimed at improving system performance and profitability while reducing down time and maintenance costs, we offer a comprehensive list of other products including stainless steel flexible hoses and expansion joints, ceramic tiles and trowelable products, specialty liners, pumps, valves and process equipment.
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heating industries

Heating & Ventilation

As your Sika, Geocel, Dow, and Chemlink distributor, we have a full line of primers, sealants, and adhesives used in the heating and ventilation industry. We also provide numerous styles of butyl tape.
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We supply Sika, Geocel, Dow, and Chemlink primers, sealants, and adhesives for manufacturing and repairing Transport and Service trucks, LRT Trains, and Commercial Buses.
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