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Sika Cleaners and Primers –


Sika Aktivator –

Sika Aktivator is an activating agent, designed to improve adhesion. It is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of various Sika polyurethane adhesives. Best for adhesion on glass, ceramic coated glass, the cut face of old polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane pre-applied windows, glass and paints.

Click here for the Sika Aktivator Technical Data Sheet.


Sika Aktivator 205 –

Sika Aktivator-205 is an alcohol solution to which has been added a bond-activating substance; it has been designed for use to activate bond faces prior to using Sikaflex products. Used to activate the following non-porous substrates: metals, plastics, glazed
ceramics, and painted surfaces.

Click here for the Sika Aktivator 205 Technical Data Sheet.


Sika Primer 206 G+P –

Sika Primer-206 G+P is a black, moisture-curing liquid primer specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of Sika polyurethane direct glazing adhesives. Provides improved adhesion on glass and ceramic-coated glass in adhesive bonding applications. Sika Primer-206 G+P can also be used on other substrates such as plastics and some metals.

Click here for the Sika Primer 206 G+P Technical Data Sheet.


Sika Remover 208 –

Sika Remover-208 is used to remove traces of Sikaflex products as well as for cleaning painted substrates. Can be used to remove uncured excess Sikaflex adhesives or sealants from application tools or soiled surfaces. Sika Remover-208 can also be used to
pre-clean strongly contaminated non-porous substrates. Sika Remover-208 can be
used to clean painted surfaces prior to bonding.

Click here for the Sika Remover 208 Technical Data Sheet.


Sika Glass Cleaner –

Sika Glass Cleaner is a glass and surface cleaner, formulated for the AGR and Transportation markets. It is a non-flammable aerosol concentrate used to clean windshields, glass, metal and other hard surfaces. It dissolves spots, grease, oil, finger-prints.

Click here for the Sika Glass Cleaner Technical Data Sheet.


Sika Hand Cleaner –

Sika Hand Cleaner is a unique, patented, waterless, citrus-scented hand cleaning system combining both a high-quality liquid hand cleaner formula and a heavy-duty, non-scratching abrasive hand-cleaning towel. Sika Hand Cleaner’s unique properties work fast to remove fresh urethane and primer, small amounts of cured urethane and dried primer, and loosens and dissolves surface and embedded grease, grime and soil. Hands are left fresh, clean and residue-free, without rinsing or drying.

Click here for the Sika Hand Cleaner Technical Data Sheet.