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Sikaflex AT-Connection

The Universal Construction Sealants for Perimeter and Connection Joints. Sikaflex AT-Connection meets the requirements for all kinds of connection joints, window and door perimeter joints, joints, facade and metal cladding joints and many other construction and expansion joints. Ideal sealant for vinyl windows.

Click here for the Sikafelx At-Connection Technical Data Sheet.


Sikaflex 221 –

Sikaflex-221 is a high-quality, multi-purpose, non-sag 1-component, polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity and forms a durable elastomer. Sikaflex 221 bonds well to a wide variety of substrates and is suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength. Suitable substrate materials are: timber, metals, metal primers, paint coatings (2-C systems), ceramic materials and plastics. Seek manufacturer’s advice before using on transparent and pigmented materials that are prone to stress-cracking.

Click here for the Sikaflex 221 Technical Data Sheet.


Sikaflex 252 –

Sikaflex-252 is a 1-component, moisture-cured, polyurethane adhesive with extremely high thixotropy and high strength. Sikaflex-252 is particularly suited to bonding applications in the manufacture of trucks, trailers and equipment. Suitable for bonding of: floors (plywood, blandex, wood, metal) to subfloors or
metallic frames; all exterior or interior panels, walls, sheets to corners or
tubular frames; FRP roofs (vans, cabins); trim mouldings and all kinds of
styling elements. Can also be used for sealing, especially for large-dimension

Click here for the Sikaflex 252 Technical Data Sheet.


SikaFast-3131S –

SikaFast-3131S is a flexible, two-component acrylic adhesive designed to efficiently transfer high loads and evenly distribute stresses. These characteristics distinguish SikaFast-3131S from other acrylic adhesives that claim high strength and elongation. SikaFast-3131S bonds many materials without surface preparation or priming and cures rapidly at room temperature. This two-part structural adhesive, designed to substitute or complement welding, riveting, clinching and other mechanical fastening techniques used in the manufacturing of transportation vehicles.

Click here for the SikaFast-3131S Technical Data Sheet.


Sikaflex 505 UV –

Sikaflex-505 UV is a one-component, silane-terminated polymer (STP) with excellent UV and weathering resistance and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including aluminium, steel, glass, marble, wood and many different types of
plastics. Seek advice from plastics manufacturer before using on plastics prone
to stress cracking.

Click here for the Sikaflex 505 UV Technical Data Sheet.


SikaLastomer 511 –

SikaLastomer-511 is a high solids, non-hardening, non-drying, non-oxidizing, butyl rubber-based sealant designed for factory sealing the female lip of standing-seam roof and wall panels and concealed endlaps. It has excellent adhesion to oily Galvalume, Galvalume Plus, KYNAR 500, aluminized metal, ZINCALUME, siliconized polyester and polyvinyl fluoride painted metals, and will not corrode Galvalume, Galvalume Plus, or copper.  It offers excellent application properties, and is formulated without asbestos fillers.

Click here for the Sikalastomer 511 Technical Data Sheet.


Sikaflex 552 –

Sikaflex-552 is a high-performance, elastic, gap-filling, 1-component structural assembly adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity and forms a durable elastomer. Sikaflex-552 does not contain isocyanate. It is suitable for structural joints that will be subjected to dynamic stresses. Suitable substrate materials are metals, particularly aluminium (including anodized components), sheet steel (including phosphated, chromated and zinc-plated components), ceramic materials and plastics.

Click here for the Sikaflex 552 Technical Data Sheet.