Waterproofing & Masonry


Chemlink patented chemistry has generated a family of waterproofing & masonry products that deliver superior adhesion to all common construction materials. They can be used in most construction applications including roofing, joint sealing, slabs, below grade foundations, equipment wells, planters and more. The polyether chemistry of Chemlink’s waterproofing compounds means no shrinking, curing upon contact with moisture, no fillers or extender.

Chemlink’s waterproofing products are 100% solids and are safe for both worker and environment. Just high performance polymers for waterproofing designed to last for years.

novalink   Novalink Elastomeric Joint Sealant                   novalink masonry work   NovaLink SL Self-Leveling Elastomeric Sealant

m1   M1 Structural Adhesive/Sealant                         sealpack   SEAL PACK

barrpatch   BARR FP Liquid Rubber Flash & Patch             1part  BARR Liquid Waterproof Membrane